Update: Future of Lakelight Sculpture – Moving Forward

2023 Annual General Meeting Report – 18th December

Regrettably, our recent endeavour to hold the Lake Light Sculpture Annual General Meeting (AGM) was not a success, with the meeting not reaching the required quorum to progress. Accordingly, we will look to reconvene in a 2nd attempt on Sunday April 28 – 4pm at the Jindabyne Bowling Club downstairs conference room. This AGM will be followed by a general community meeting to reflect and discuss the best way forward for Lake Light Sculpture 2025 and beyond, and we urge both LLS members and the interested members of the general community to attend.

Moving Forward

As publicised during the lead-in to the December meeting, the LLS Committee made the decision to cancel the 2024 LLS Easter Event due to a number of factors, including the current aesthetic and accessibility challenges of the Jindabyne Lake Foreshore area, and actively plan and promote a return to the expected rejuvenated location in 2025/26.

The LLS Committee remains optimistic that we will see a guaranteed and functional Lake Foreshore area available for safe and inclusive use at LLS 2025. We have communicated our intention and commitment to the Snowy Monaro Regional Council, Snowy Hydro, and the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce, as we endeavor to re-develop and deliver a high quality event that can genuinely showcase the LLS works in this beautiful and safe location, during both daylight and nighttime hours.

Whilst the December AGM disappointingly did not reach a meeting quorum, members of the current committee have had ongoing and fruitful discussions with many previous and possibly future LLS members. We remain confident that the proposed April AGM and following general community meeting will be a success, and facilitate the return of Lake Light Sculpture in 2025 as the leading arts and cultural event in the Snowy Mountains.

With Regards,

Steve Cooper – LLS Public Officer

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